Get Paid to Care For A Loved One

Paid to Care For a Loved One

If you are already serving as a primary caregiver for a loved one, consider enrolling with the SMW program so that you can be paid for your time and effort.

The Services My Way (SMW) program is a self-directed care program for elderly and/or disabled Medicaid-eligible Pennsylvania residents. Participants in the program are able to self-direct their care by choosing their own caregiver instead of the State making those decisions on their behalf.

There are many benefits for both the caregiver and the client when participating in SMW:

For Caregivers

Flexibility: With SMW, caregivers have greater flexibility to define their own schedules as they coordinate with the participant receiving care.

Stable income: Caregivers are paid through the SMW program which offers stable and predictable compensation for caregiving that may have been being done for free.

For Clients

More independence: Participating in SMW gives seniors and/or disabled individuals more control over their lives and increased independence by providing a greater range of services and care arrangements that can be tailored to their needs.

Better quality of life: Self-directed care programs like SMW can improve the quality of life for participants by allowing them a greater level of choice and control over the care they receive.

Individualized services: SMW allows participants to choose care providers that best suit their needs and preferences instead of being limited to state-approved providers, allowing for greater personalization.

For Employment Opportunities: